Hear ye! Hear ye!

In another time and place I would have been a town crier.  Imagine the fun of running through the streets yelling announcements to all who would listen. 

Writing a book is a bit like that.  Writers have something to say, but instead of rushing here and there, we spend hours hunched over the computer screen typing masses of words that may or may not end up as a cohesive book.  If magic happens we are able to send our novels into the world with our own unique messages.

Hear ye, hear ye!

I have something to say.  Or rather, two somethings.  Because, of course, things never arrive alone–good or bad.  The usually show up in threes.

My news is only two-fold, but both tidbits are equally exciting.

Back in April, my DH pushed me.  Not physically, though he might as well have.  The swift kick to the keister was a great wake up call.  With him by my side, I submitted a few query letters.  He also pushed me to decide if I was going to start a business that had been stewing around in the back of my mind.  For a decade.

I did both.

And both have come to fruition.  I have taken my next big step as a writer.  It turns out my pirate chapter book has enough humor to tickle more than my own funny bone.  Thanks for believing in my writing, Agent Awesome.

I also started the process of opening a childcare/preschool hybrid.  Smart Start Prep and Play should be up and running the first week of September. 

Whoever said, “When it rains, it pours,” was right.  But that’s good, because everything in life needs a little rain to grow.

So, what’s your news?  Shout it out for us to cheer you on. 

Now where’s my third lucky event…?

42 responses to “Hear ye! Hear ye!

  1. Well done! Each time we take a step like this, it shows awe-inspiring courage to someone else. You are officially a hero.

    • You’re pushing it, Victoria. I am certainly not a hero. I’m simply surrounded by a great and supportive writing community that allows me to find my motivation and hone my skills.

      I am indebted to all of you.


    What? What? Did I miss some big news?

    OMGoodness, please tell me I didn’t space out about you getting an agent!

    • LOL, Jenny. I didn’t make a big announcement. In fact, I just told a handful of relatives this past week. I am very excited, however, to join the ranks of my fellow AQers. I couldn’t have done it without you and your support.

  3. She definitely did get an agent! 😉

  4. Okay, maybe you haven’t rushed into a burning building recently (I am a writer and therefore prone to exagerration), but seriously – don’t knock the courage it takes to put yourself out there like this. It takes guts and we all salute you.

  5. Congrats on both! You’ll do a fantastic job!

  6. And MODEST, too. Spill, Chicky-do! We need details. LOL

    • It was a whirlwind courtship. He called for a first date after my Query Friend set us up. I threw myself at him with a full. He said he wanted to see me again, but didn’t want to commit quite yet…wanted to consider all my flaws, ya know? I prettied myself up for the second date–chewed with my mouth closed, kept my napkin in my lap and refrained from swearing like a drunken sailor–and he said, “I think I like you.”

      Now he wants to introduce me to his friends, and I think I’m in love!

      How’s that for details?

  7. EEK!!!! I’m sooo excited for you. An agent? That’s AWESOME!!! I know, I’m using more exclamations marks than should be legal, but I can’t help it 😛

  8. When can you tell us WHO?

    Hip, hip, hoo-ray!!!!!!!!

    • *throwing virtual confetti and passing around party hats*

      I scared my middle son to tears when I got the offer. He’s not used to his mommy screaming.

      I’m not ready to divulge Agent Awesome’s name yet. I’ll just say that I got lucky by having my top pick pick me. He’s very reputable and I couldn’t be more thrilled.


  9. Oh, you made me laugh so hard I think I woke up the kid. That’s ok. She needs to get up. LOL Congratulations and no one deserves it more.

    The first time I got an agent (not an experienced agent and not the best experience) I ran around WORK flapping my arms like a giant chicken. I couldn’t control myself. I still blush.

    These are enough details FOR NOW. We will want to know the date he’ll make you the happiest of women. ;D

    • LOL, I can so picture that. One simple word turns us into something wild and crazy. Thankfully only my kids were here to scare. I didn’t have to explain myself to coworkers. Of course, who cares? It’s a great feeling.

      Hopefully you won’t have to experience another not-so-stellar agent in the future. I want so much to read your book and don’t know if I can wait for someone else to get as excited as I am. The small blurbs you’ve shared are enticing and poetic. Plus your plot fascinates me.

  10. Now who’s blushing?

  11. Cat this is AWESOME!!! You so deserve it! I’m dying to know who it is, but I can wait. 🙂 I am soooo thrilled for you. Woohoo! (breaking tons of writing rules here, but that’s okay.)

    And starting your own business on top of that? You are going to be one busy lady! But it sounds so fun.


    • LOL! I wasn’t exactly expecting them to both happen within the same week! I kind of figured my preschool would be my fall back when my pirates got sent back home!

  12. Woot! Congratulations on both fronts. The courage it takes to put your words out there, is way up there in the hero nether-lands.

    I don’t know if I could slip that piece of news in so – elegantly, if I were in your shoes. Though I did read in the comments you frightened your kids screaming so loud.

    I’m absolutely delighted for you sweet friend. (Hugs)Indigo

    • Thank you so much, Indigo. I’m quite sure any announcements you made would be filled with thoughtful poetry. You write so beautifully. I appreciate your kind words, none-the-less : )


  13. Woohoooooo!!!!! This news still sends shivers down to my toes Cat! I can’t wait for the pirates to show up in my classroom! 🙂

    As a teacher, I’m also THRILLED beyond belief that you’re starting a pre-school. The kids in your care will be blessed to have someone in their lives who truly gets education – and someone who understands there are all different ways of learning. AWESOME!!! What a terrific way to start their educational careers!

    Congratulations on both fronts – can’t wait to hear what #3 will be! 🙂

    • Jemi,

      I can only hope to do justice to my program the way you do in your classroom. You are an inspiration to anyone who works with kids.

      Like you, I hope to see a copy of my little pirate saga in classrooms all around the world. After all, it’s a pretty global theme and everyone can imagine that Moody Island is just around the corner from their own back yard.

      Hopefully 3 will be a date with an editor?

      Your support means the world to me. Thanks.

  14. Great news, Cat. Congratulations on both counts, but especially Agent Awesome. That’s fantastic.

  15. I’m just so excited for you! 🙂 Such fabulous news. You’re daycare/pre-school is going to be wonderful as well. What a terrific foundation for kids.

  16. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I am so excited for you. Proud too, because I know you and can give you a big congratulatory hug when the family comes to camp out for one night. BOth endeavours are in truly in your blood and I will be in your corner, jumping up and down to cheer you on!

  17. Hello Catwoods. 🙂

    Just found your blog, and I love it already. I like your header, reminds me of being a child and always looking for trees that bridged streams so we could run across the water.

    As for your good news – fantastic! I am so pleased for you. I am almost at that stage of sending a query off, and it is like standing on the edge of a precipice, isn’t it, but we have to launch off and see where fortune lands us, hoping for somewhere soft and welcoming!

    • Hi, Jayne.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I always love hearing from new friends.

      I took the picture at our hometown National Monument. It’s a fun little walk and also reminds me of my carefree childhood days. There is something about the woods and running water that makes life all kinds of peaceful. I’m glad to take you back in time.

      Thanks for your enthusiastic congrats. Someday, I hope to return them to you. Submitting can be intimidating and freeing all at once. I wish you the best as you begin the process. Enjoy it, no matter what those first queries bring.

      hugs~ cat

  18. Congratulations! Even though it wasn’t me I feel just as excited as if it was, lol. Can’t wait for it to be published I’ll be one of the first people in line to buy it because I already know it’s gonna be awesome.

    Also, congratulations on your business. Now you’ll have a larger audience you can test drive stories off of ;P Little minds are always the most curious and the most blunt.

    • Elisa,

      HI!!! How is everything going? I appreciate your visit and comment, as I don’t stop by WD often enough.

      I’m so excited that some days it doesn’t even feel real. I have reread my contract a time or two just to make sure I didn’t dream it. And I love test-driving my writing on kids. In fact, my eldest (dyslexic and so a reluctant reader) has a great ear for how things sound. And he’s more honest than Abe ever dreamed of being. It helps tremendously.


  19. So happy for you Cate!! I’m still jumping for joy over this for you and my poor preggo legs are exhausted! 😀 You have worked so hard and took your time to become the writer you are today and it has paid off.

    I can’t wait to hold your book in my hands and share it with my little girls!!! Yup we just found out we are having another little girl…woot woot!!

    And congrats on the preschool…those little munchkins are lucky to have you and what a wealth of experience you can get from them and bring to your writing!! It’s a win, win!!

    • Yay! Another girl. They are so fun and so precious. I hope things continue to go well, even though your down and out for the time being. In the end, little pig tails and big eyes will more than make up for those tired, preggo legs.

      Tons of hugs and a great big thanks for being an awesome beta. I just hope your soon-to-be new addition isn’t to old to read it by the time it hits the shelves!

  20. YAY!!! Congratulations!!!
    (HUGS) Confetti, Champagne, and Chocolate all around!


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