A Writer’s Guide to Commemoration Keepsakes

While in New Orleans with our youth group, the other director and I jotted down notes for the next time we brave a national gathering. 

  • ID tags for backpacks
  • Permanent markers for autographs
  • Handmade trinkets to distribute to share the love with other participants

Often times the best ideas come through others. 

The online writing community is no different.  Small gems can be found in unexpected places.  While checking out my fellow bloggers yesterday, I uncovered one such gem.  Well actually, Lori Degman blogged about it and now I’d like to share it with you.

At her book launch for 1 Zany Zoo, the Cheerio’s contest winner had friends and family sign a copy of her book as a keepsake. 

What better gift to yourself, what better reminder of your hard work and what better affirmation of the support you have garnered along the way than receiving an autographed copy of the book you wrote?

Currently, I’m creating a shadow box as a visual reminder of my writing journey.

So far I have collected my positive rejections, my first byline article, my first check I earned through my writing, the floppy disk that my short story was submitted on, a horribly written picture book that motivates me to keep trying, an interview of me in the paper regarding my writing and my offer of representation for my chapter book.  I only need my Degman-style autographed book and my shadow box will be complete.

Commemoration Keepsakes of Your Writing Journey

  • An autographed book by family and friends.
  • A writer’s journey shadow box.

How will you commemorate your success?  Share your cool and unique ideas with the rest of the writing world and I’ll add them to the list. 


14 responses to “A Writer’s Guide to Commemoration Keepsakes

  1. Dear Cat,
    What I have is an “inspiration” file to view when I need lifting. Some of it is articles, other things are E Mails written in reaction to something I have written, usually a poem. When I am particularly feeling low I get it and read and usually my spirits are lifted.

    • Siggy, that’s a great idea. I know some writers keep quote notebooks as well. I always have good intentions…

      Glad you have something to inspire and uplift you in your life and your writing.


  2. I have a shadow box of sorts myself. Instead of writing related objects however, I keep what I call pieces of soul. It’s a hard thing to collect. When someone cares enough about me to give a piece of his or her self, it goes in my box. I’ve got letters from my friends, signatures from the crew of a movie set who adopted me for a day, a piece of coal given to me by a coal museum, things like that.

    Thank you for reminding me about it. I don’t look at these things as often as I should.

    • Amkusak,

      That is a wonderfully touching idea and you’re very lucky to be the owner of a treasure box from the heart. I love it.

      Keep your memories safely tucked inside and add to them as often as others share their hearts with you. Then, no matter what you do in life, your life will be filled with riches.

  3. Wow – doing this kind of thing never crossed my mind. What cool ideas!

    I have no idea what I’ll do – I’m not in the least bit crafty 🙂 I’ll have to think about that for a bit!

    • No crafty-ness needed. After all, a book signing only takes a pen…

      And you’re about the most innovative teacher I know. I’m sure you can come up with something unique and amazing.

  4. I’ve never even thought about that, but cool idea 🙂 Hm, maybe I’ll come up with something…

  5. You know, I’ve never really thought about it. I DO have my first check, some publications I’ve been in and my certificate from Crested Butte. I guess I could do some sort of shadowbox… Neat idea!

  6. Cat,
    Thanks for mentioning my idea – though I got it from another writer when I was desperately searching for ideas for my book launch. I love the shadow box idea – I’m going to work on that!

    I also have a bulletin board above my desk on which I hang things to inspire me or just make me feel good – pictures of my kids, my Cheerios prize check, select lines from a story critiques I’ve received, postcards from vacations – things like that. When I’m writing and get discouraged I look at them – or when I’m procrastinating, or bored or . . .

    • Lori,

      I thought it was one of the most amazing ideas I’ve seen. What a treasure.

      Your bulletin board also sounds fun and inspiring. Anything that helps us in our journey is worth out time and effort.

  7. I’d keep my favorite pen with me. (For random signings, of course!)

    • Are you sure you wouldn’t need a whole suitcase to carry them all? I mean, you never really know when the right pen might be needed for the moment! And you have so many cool ones how could one be a favorite? I think mine would change every other day with so many choices.

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